Building Active Communities

Dan Wilson and Alex Ogden are pioneering spirits in the realm of physical education (PE), each illustrating the transformative journey.

Aspire Active Camps

Summer Active Camps fun!

This summer, we're excited to offer a spectacular line up of Active Camps across Sutton Coldfield, Hagley and more.


Dive Into Drowning Prevention Week with Swim:ED

This Drowning Prevention Week, we at Swim:ED want to inspire and empower our community to approach water with a blend of admiration, delight, and...

Health and Wellbeing

Join the movement for safer streets

The quest for safer roads for our children gains momentum each year with an inspiring initiative: Brake's Kids Walk

Health and Wellbeing

Running out of summer activity ideas?

If you’re looking at the next 5 weeks wondering how you’re going to fill all those days, don’t panic. Here’s a few ideas to help you fend off the...

Skills Festival

Aspire Training Solutions Skills Festival

Last Friday was a landmark day as we gathered for the much-anticipated Aspire Training Solutions Skills Festival.

Health and Wellbeing

Bike Week and Bikebaility blog

Bicycle riding is a popular activity for children and adults, offering numerous health and environmental benefits.