'Sport is an outlet for many’

Who’s our guest?


Siobhán first found wheelchair basketball in 2010 following a playground to podium event which introduced her to the sport. As a junior, she first played for CWBA where she achieved great success at the School Games and Junior Championships. Alongside her junior game, she also competed with the club's National League and Women’s League teams.

An award-winning player, Siobhán has an extensive junior career having co-captained the women’s team to back-to-back championship wins at the 2015 U25 Worlds and 2016 U24 Europeans – a feat not achieved by any other female GB junior team. In 2018 the squad retained their U24 European Title and in 2019 the team brought home the U25 World Championship Bronze Medal.


What do we discuss?

  • Emphasises the importance of inclusivity in PE lessons
  • Talks about the need for adapting sessions for young people with different abilities
  • Discusses the challenges faced by teachers in incorporating PE into the curriculum
  • Highlights the importance of assessment and finding alternative ways to assess pupil’s progress
  • Encourages teachers to make small changes in their lessons and use funding effectively
  • Advice for teachers to not overthink and to ask for help when needed
  • Acknowledges the hard work of teachers and encourages them to try new approaches in PE

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