Primary PE

'Taking the plunge' with Kaylë Brightwell

The evolution of primary school swimming


Who’s our guest?

Kaylë has been a swimming teacher for 23 years and specialises in baby and pre-school swimming. With 19 years of tutoring experience, she is passionate about encouraging people to learn to swim and be safe in water. She has spoken internationally about the importance of learning to swim within a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment with participants at the centre of the lesson.

Kaylë managed a swim school before joining STA in 2012. Recently appointed as the Director of Education at STA, Kaylë heads up the Qualification Development and Compliance team, creating fit-for-purpose, high-quality training qualifications and supporting the expanding Approved Training Centre workforce to ensure compliance and quality assurance for learners and employers across the sector. She is passionate about swimming - her happy place - and believes in its transformative power, both for individual health and social benefits.


What do we discuss?

  • The Importance of Swimming in Primary Schools
  • Interview with Kaylë Brightwell from STA
  • The role of STA in promoting swimming education
  • The challenges and solutions in school swimming education
  • The challenges of incorporating swimming into the school curriculum
  • The importance of prioritising swimming in schools
  • Practical tips for implementing swimming lessons in primary schools.
  • The role of teachers and resources in promoting swimming
  • The impact of swimming on pupils and the community


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