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Sparking Movement: Matt Sadler's In-depth Workshop on Whole-School Impact through PESSPA Strategy at The Active Primary Schools Conference 2023

Engaging the entire school community in physical activity is more than just a desirable option—it's an essential endeavour. Meet Matt Sadler, the esteemed Head of the Federation of Boldmere Schools, he's leading our upcoming workshop, "Get your school moving: Creating a comprehensive Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) strategy for whole-school impact. Grounded in inclusivity, engagement, and fostering lifelong fitness habits, his workshop promises to provide the tools needed to ignite change in your schools.

With 21 years dedicated to primary education and eight amazing years as a school leader, Matt's journey has been grounded in passion and persistence. He shares, "From my first day teaching through to this present day, I have always been passionate about PE and school sports, ambitious that children should have the same opportunities that I was afforded in my own school years."

His lifelong commitment to equity and active lifestyles paints an encouraging picture of the potential of PE and school sports. He believes resolutely in taking advantage of the unique position schools hold in forming active habits and lifestyles. Embracing his perspective makes it easier to envision a future where sports and physical activity are part and parcel of every child's school life, extending their positive impact far beyond the classroom.

Why attend this workshop?
In his workshop, Matt will lay down a framework for creating a comprehensive PESSPA strategy that could be the key to making your school community more active, inclusive, and health-conscious. His approach is not just about teaching sports or championing physical education - it's about fostering a culture that embraces these values and sees them as vital to personal and community wellness.

Through strategies that span school-wide policies to extracurricular activities, Matt will demonstrate how to weave physical activity into the fabric of school life. Stakeholders will gain invaluable insights into the potential such a coordinated strategy carries for overall school health and the well-being of the children they serve.

Join Matt Sadler's workshop and be a part of this inviting journey into whole-school impact. You'll leave empowered with knowledge, strategies, and a whole new vision of what your school could be.

Let's build this future together, one active child at a time! Secure your spot today and empower sports and activity to weave powerful narratives for our children and our schools. Through unity and commitment, we have the potential to transform our educational institutions into powerhouses of movement and well-being. 

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