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The Active Primary Schools Conference 2023 Swimming Q&A Panel

We’re delighted to announce our Q&A Swimming Panel at the Active Primary Schools Conference 2023. 

It’s part of the national curriculum, boosts physical and mental health, and is both a life and a lifesaving skill.

And yet 1 in 4 children leave school unable to swim.

You’ll be all too familiar with the challenges primary schools face when it comes to delivering swimming and water safety lessons.

A 2021 Sport England study revealed that one in four children could not swim 25 meters upon leaving primary school. Without prompt intervention, this figure could rise to 60% of children unable to swim by 2025. And so it’s vital we pull together to do all we can to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn to swim.

This is why we’re delighted to announce that pioneers in the swimming education sector will be joining us at The Active Primary Schools Conference to deliver a Q&A session, in which audience members can ask questions.


Expect fantastic insights from: 


Annalize Butler, B.O.S.S.

Over the past 3 years, Annalize has become a multi-skilled trainer, partnering with awarding and national swimming and water safety governing bodies. Approaching swimming with a few decades of experience and a different perspective on learning styles, she has founded two businesses to make generational change. 


Andy Heald, Swim:ED

With over 20 years of diversified experience in sports management, coaching, and business leadership, Andy has been an influential figure in revolutionising sports education and training across the UK. However, his work with Swim:ED captures his current passion and focus. 


Lorna Goldie, Swim England.

Lorna Goldie, the Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Development Officer, has devoted her career to enhancing the swimming attainment and water safety awareness of primary school children across the nation.  


Kaylë Brightwell, Director Of Education for STA.

Kaylë has been a swimming teacher for 23 years and specialises in baby and pre-school swimming.  With 19 years of tutoring experience, she is passionate about encouraging people to learn to swim and be safe in water.  She has spoken internationally about the importance of learning to swim within a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment with participants at the centre of the lesson. 

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