Active Primary School Conference

Practical workshop: Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Gain practical ideas to deliver effective Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) lessons whilst making the most use of your own site.

Founder of Open Minds, teacher, consultant, Physical & Adventure Education, PSHE and behavioural expert Michael Chamberlain is joining us at this year’s conference to deliver a practical workshop you won’t want to miss.

 Who is Michael Chamberlain?

Michael has over 25 years of educational experience in and out of the classroom environment. Over the years, Michael has gained vast experience delivering dynamic activities to people of all ages and abilities, and providing schools with solutions which ensure that teaching and learning are fully inclusive, with children receiving an enriching experience throughout their school life.

What will you gain from the workshop?

For class teachers, PE co-ordinators, PSHE co-ordinators, Learning Mentors, Key Stage Leaders, this workshop will provide a full session of practical activities that promote co-operation, speaking and listening skills and teamwork. Whether it's making sure there's no detonation in 'Carry The Bomb' or 'Dueling' with our noodles, you will experience a variety of challenges that will help your pupils to work together and solve problems.

Activities are based on problem solving and team building, and can be adapted by  theme or ability.  Activities can be used to focus on elements in Physical Education, PSHE and Citizenship. Additionally, as Open Minds activities are flexible enough to be used in a cross-curricular or thematic approach, aspects of English, science and maths are also included.

Some key points you will be looking at/key takeaways from the workshop:

  • Provide you with practical ideas to deliver effective OAA lessons whilst making the most use of your own site
  • Fulfil OAA of PE curriculum
  • Give you lots of ideas for you to design your own Scheme of Work throughout the school

All activities are currently used in schools successfully and can be adapted.

What is The Active Primary Schools Conference?

The conference is a full day event for primary schools to gain knowledge, confidence and a bank of actionable strategies to take their school’s PE, sport and physical activity offering to the next level.

Keynotes from industry experts, practical and theory-based workshops, and a marketplace full of innovative resources and services that work mean you’ll end the day with effective ideas to raise the quality of your school’s PESSPA, and a plan to embed them the second you get back.

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