'Number one priority, getting the environment right'

PE Primary Huddle Series 4, Episode 4 


Who’s our guest?


Sam Horton is a passionate PE teacher who believes strongly in physical education, sport, and physical activity as essential contributors to children's love for healthy living and a tool to end physical inactivity. Sam possesses six years of experience at Wollescote Primary School and prior experience in sports coaching. He is particularly enthusiastic about sports and pursued a pathway into teaching to continue his passion on a professional level. He recently earned a promotion as the PE coordinator for Wollescote Primary School and is driven to enhance the PE culture within the school. His vision is based around the school ethos 'Be proud, be positive, be polite'.

Despite his achievements, Sam remains humble and continuously strives for self-improvement, both in his abilities and in pushing PE to the forefront of the school environment. This is evident in his initiative to start girls' football at the school, which demonstrates his commitment to inclusivity. Additionally, Sam is highly engaged with the community, desiring to involve guardians and parents in the school's activities and to make them aware of the benefits and importance of PE in children's development.


What do we discuss?

  • The Importance of communication and sportsmanship in PE
  • The role of sports leaders in promoting sportsmanship
  • Debunking myths about PE teaching
  • The Power of Networking and Collaboration in PE Leadership
  • The Importance of Sportsmanship in School Culture
  • The Role of In-House Competitions in Promoting Sportsmanship
  • The Use of Resources in Enhancing PE Teaching
  • Engaging the Community in Promoting Physical Activity
  • Feedback and Reports: Enhancing Parental Engagement
  • Setting Goals: The Journey to High Standard PESSPA
  • Tracking Physical Activity: The Future of School Fitness
  • After School Clubs: Enhancing Student Engagement
  • Empowering pupils in Sports Decision Making
  • Fostering Leadership Skills
  • Launching a Girls Football Team
  • Creating a vision for PE: A Guide for new teachers
  • Creating effective PE Resources: A personal journey
  • Best practices for PE lessons: A comprehensive guide
  • Top five tips for influencing PE and creating an active ethos

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